Independent Trainers


Scott McElroy

Scott has been involved in fitness and athletics from a young age and in 2015 became a certified Kettlebell instructor.  Scott has been a member of Odyssey for over 30 years and now you most likely see him instructing or lifting Kettlebells in the functional room. If you see him in the gym and have any kettlebell questions feel free to ask him! Check out the Facebook page for more information. 

Favorite workout:  Two arm long cycle (clean and jerk with two kettlebells)


Diane Luszniak

Ever since her days as a university student, Diane has had a passion for working out.  About 10 years ago, she traded cardio and karate for kettlebells (KBs) and hasn’t looked back.  Diane became a certified KB instructor in 2015 and enjoys instructing classes as a way to inspire others to love KBs too.  

Favorite workout: Kettlebell sport workout, and you’ll often see her swinging bells in the back room, working on her two-arm clean and jerk and her one-arm snatch technique.