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Kathy Niketas

Kathy has been active all her life with soccer, scuba diving and various sports. She has competed in figure competitions including Western Canadians in 2006. Kathy has three kids who all workout at Odyssey. “Its important to stay active, not just for your body, but for your mind.”


Douglas Rivera

Our health and well-being is the most precious thing we possess and often we take it for granted. Today’s world moves at such a rapid pace and there never seems to be enough time in a day. This pace only gets faster as we age and it’s important to keep our health at its best. I believe that through exercise we can enhance our quality of life and enjoy it to the fullest.

As a trainer it’s my job to motivate, educate and support clients in achieving their goals while maintaining a positive, fun environment. We have one life, one shot and it’s never too late to make it count. 

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Michele Shorter