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Trainers & Staff


Kathy Niketas

Kathy has worked at Odyssey gym for the last 15 years. Starting out as a member in 1992, she has competed in two figure competitions and in the Western Canadians in 2006. She loves how the gym members are of all different fitness levels, and she considers Odyssey gym as a unique community.


Dan Lau


Kelsey DeCamillis

I've been training in gyms for over 20 years and Odyssey became my home when I moved here in 2018 from Vancouver. I was involved in many different sports growing up, including competitve track and field after highschool. I competed in shot-put for BC Athletics and the UBC Thunderbirds. We spent a large part of our training in the weight room. Lifting will always be a part of my life.

In recent years I competed in bodybuilding shows and can't wait to plan the next one. The gym has always been there for me in good time and challenging ones, and I am grateful for the Odyssey gym and our wonderful Odyssey family.


Emma Rennie

Emma has enjoyed working at Odyssey for the last two years and meeting all the wonderful members. When she’s not working her full-time job as a wedding planner, you can find Emma behind the front desk or in the gym lifting heavy weights for fun. Odyssey is the first gym Emma has been too and it will always be a special place to her!


Anastasia Crawford

Originally I'm from Eastern Europe but I've been living in Victoria for the past 10 years. My favorite thing about our gym is the community and all of the athletes that inspired me to compete when I first came here in 2018. 

I train for strength and aesthetics with a goal of maintaining a balanced physique. In the past I've competed in four bodybuilding shows and two powerlifting meets. I love training and being active. I don't have any specific fitness goals at the moment but I'm always working on maintaining and evolving my physique. 


Michele Shorter

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