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  • One on One Personal Training 

  • Law Enforcement Physical Testing Preparation POPAT/COPAT

  • Motivate To Train Bootcamp Instructor Certified  

  • Strength Training Programs 

  • Nutrition Plans 

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy Certified 

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Certified 

  • Fitnance Australia Personal Trainers Certified

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization – The Prague School

I moved to Victoria after spending three years in Australia working with some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world. I've continued my education here in Victoria as well as trips to Vancouver for courses and workshops. 

I pride myself and my business on the results of my clients and I will hold you accountable to your goals. You will get results! 

Gain muscle and strength, and lose fat in the most effective way possible in the shortest amount of time. 

I have helped 100's of clients with back and neck pain relief and training your intra-abnominal muscles. You will sleep, work and rest with more comfort than ever before after my Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques are performed on you after every session. I will teach you how to lift properly using DNS principles and techniques from The Prague School. 

Workouts may include DNS/ FST principles, strength/resistance training, circuit training, sport specific training (if applicable), and stretching/stability/range of motion work. 

Programs include goal setting, continuous weekly progress monitoring, stretching/mobility work and nutrition guidelines and meal plans. 

References from clients available on my Google Business Page: Search "Lorne Robert Fitness" 

Get an idea of what your sessions will look like on YouTube!

Call or text: 250-661-6736


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