Aaron Jewell

I have spent the past twenty years immersed in the fitness industry, with a particular focus on physique development and transformation. During this time, I discovered that optimal results can only be attained when physical, mental and emotional health are accounted for. It is my mission to give you the tools to transform your body into the physique that you have always dreamed of, while also guiding you in creating an enjoyable lifestyle that allows you to sustain your body of work.

Although I have completed various personal training courses through BCRPA and ISSA, the bulk of my education has been forged through my own experience within competitive bodybuilding and almost 15 years spent coaching others for competition and physique development. I spent many years under the tutelage of world-renowned fitness coach and metabolism expert Scott Abel, who vastly expanded my understanding of metabolism, training, and fat loss/muscle gain. I learned the mental and physical fortitude required to take my own physique and others to a high level through my good friends and IFBB professional bodybuilders: Ron Partlow and Rob Churchill, my first mentors within the physique development realm.  

In addition to my experience within the fitness industry, I attained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies and spent over 13 years working in both youth and adult corrections. My coursework included: facilitation programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, conflict resolution, and effective communication, which has proven complementary to my coaching practice.